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Monday, September 10th
Music to Our Ears!

I return from Japan! Only a minor update this time, but an enjoyable one! Our SG now has it's own THEME SONG. Be proud! I'll update more as it comes. May not be much to update for a while though. Also, for those who have been asking, please do not concern yourself with our Villain SG. This will be announced in due time. Stay tuned!
Monday, August 20th
All's Fair!

Lordy! We have a doozy update this time. The LEVEL 20 TUTORIAL has gotten an update, as well as the as well as the LEVEL 30 TUTORIAL. We've got some NEW SCREENCAPS! And of other intrest is the update to the DOWNLOADS section as well as the NEW EVENT. The event went over well, and we'll be having another in September hopefully. One final note is the TEAM ROSTER which is still in progress, but updated. Enjoy!
Monday, August 6th
Home Sweet Home

For today's update we'll be adding a NEW FUNNY as well as NEW SCREENCAPS! Also of note, we've finally added the TEAM NEO SECRET BASE page. While the base may be in progress, the page is there and covers everything our base currently has. Typo City has not yet been conquered, but a new project has come at last! The site is going to need lots of new images here and there, so we'll be working on those in the meantime. :D Enjoy the update!
Monday, July 23rd
Typo City!

For today's update we'll be adding a NEW FUNNY as well as NEW SCREENCAPS! Also of note is a NEW NON-ANIMATED SPLASH PAGE. Not quite as glamorous, but hey! Our SG no longer has Oni OR Jewl, so it needed an update. Also, on my regular website I've added a SECONDARY SPLASH in case people accidentally do not add the neo.html part of the link. I would LOVE to get the www.team-neo.com web adress, but I don't want to pay for that domain name, or have to transfer the whole bloody website. In other news, our site is full of typos so I'll be going page-by-page to eliminate them. :D Enjoy the update!
Wednesday, July 11th
Bio Break

As part of this week's update we're in the process of adding to the Roster section. We'll have updated pages for Kato, Tai, and Azre, as well as a new page for Kai. Subsections for NPCs, Vile Alliance, Fury Empire, and Nega Legion will be updated with pictures, icons, and biographies as long as they are available.
Thursday, July 5th
Upcoming Events

Good news, Neos! The SG is still kicking and ticking, and we're moving on ahead. We'll be having a new EVENT soon, so check the EVENT PAGE for info! Also, we finally have the TEAM NEO FUNNIES section added to the site. A new section on the far right of the site banner is for the TEAM NEO FORUMS. So please sign up! On a technical note, we are in the process of changing site banners from .gif to .jpg format to allow more browser support. Banners may disappear for a while during the change. Thanks!
Monday, June 25
Impending Updates

Because Neo-Tai and Neo-Kai are dicks who have made me feel guilty about not wanting to lead the SG, I'm going to give it one more shot. I make no promises about anything staying. However, here's the catch. #1. I'm starting a NEW set of Neo leaders from Scratch. Images on the site WILL change to reflect this. Apologies to Oni and Jewl, but I am merely respecting your wishes to not be affiliated as a leader. I realize you have your own lives, but tying the livelihood og the SG to your attendance was a mistake. It should not be tied to ANYONE'S attendance, including my own. #2. We're going to have Geneo costumes, dammit! And they WILL have the damn helmets! #3 Kai, and Tai, (more Kai than Tai), while it pisses me off that the ONLY TWO LOYAL PEOPLE have similar names...I will be making a special thank you gift for you both, and Kai will be made a Boss. So there! We still have the SG, and we still have a chance. So dammit, we're going to follow rule 7 and NEVER GIVE UP.