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Azre was bored. And who could blame him! The Neos had done pretty much nothing lately, and Kato, having spent many long nights in the lab, was all tuckered out. Azre poked Kato with a stick a few times until the hobo was roused. "Bored, huh?" Kato said. "Well I guess then we should gather up the gang, and just have fun for once!"

Azre and Kato grabbed Sora and Phage and the four gathered in the base to summon the other Neos. Upon arriving, Kato told them, "Today, we are all going to do something together! So let's MOVE OUT to Steel Canyon!!!"

Now, while Team Neo is generally comprised of nice happy people, there are certain disillusionments that break their kindness. Like a child being told that the Tooth Fairy is a myth, Team Neo was shocked to discover Positron without his helmet on. And thus they gathered around Positron, torches in hand to 'BURN THE WITCH!!!' as they said.

For their next task, Team Neo was taken back to their roots. In City Hall, Azuria's Crystal was the spot where the first ever Team Neo gathered. And so, in praises of the Neo Deities, the team bestowed their ritualistic grattitude on the crystal which simply DEMANDED respect.

Of course no day can be totally perfect and as such when the Team moved to Atlas Park to party, there were a few poopers. Of course, those witches got burned as well.

Gathering in Atlas was pretty fun once the noobs left. Team Neo sported their colors and had lots of fun just playing around. This of course attracted much intrest.

It wasn't long before Team Neo acquired several new recruits, each joining in the typical fashion complete with a drumroll.

As the party came to a close the members went their seperate ways, pleased to have gathered in such a manner, and having let the world know that Team Neo never gives up, has great parties, and burns all witches who deserve it!