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Congratulations on getting to level 20! You've done well to come this far! At level 20, if you have earned the minimum prestige, you are promoted up to being an official member. Congrats!

1. Your second costume, to go by our typical standards, are civilian clothes. Feel free to use your imagination. You are welcome to stretch the civilian theme just so long as what you are wearing would be something your Neo would wear on his or her days off.

2.It is also preferred that you add on the level 20 accecories you have so duly earned for level 20. First off, shoulderpads. While we are pretty easy-going on Shoulderpads, we must ask that they NOT be skulls, chains, spikes, or barbed wire. That is to say, they need to actually be SHOULDERPADS. Use your best judgement, but be prepared to change them if we ask.

3. We of Team Neo realize and understand that sometimes capes create lag. These flashy obstacles may look terriffic, but lower your framerate down so far that its just not worth looking at anymore. IF YOU WANT TO BE COME AN ELITE YOU ARE REQUIRED TO HAVE THE SHOULDERPADS AND CAPE. There is no exception to this. Lag or not, all elites must bear a uniform worthy of the title. More information on Elites are in the Neo Code section of the website. The cape itself is half mantle with no brooch. You may select whatever pattern as long as it is in your color, and black.