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"HELLO! I AM JULIE BELLE! (The gorgeous young lady on the couch in the picture!) I am a GENIUS! A genius who INVENTED the Neo Skin Sentai suits which all Team Neo members wear! The Neo Skin suits are a technological marvel, but you want to know what's even MORE impressive? Come closer, and I'll tell you. CLOSER, DANGIT!"

"That's better! Now you can gaze lovingly into my goggles, whisper sweet nothings and- what? What's this behind me? Oh right! This is the Team Neo Secret Base. We're at the entrance now. We'll be taking a tour of our current base. So come along!"

"Now, I want to remind all visitors that our base is a CONTINUING WORK IN PROGRESS. Put simply, What you see today may be 10 times better tomorrow! As our Supergroup grows and blossoms, so shall our base! And many of the amenities we don't have now, WILL be added later! However, our Supergroup's first and foremost accomplishment, is the teleporter hall!"

"Our goal for our Supergroup is to provide instant, easy access to all major points in Paragon City. At present, the Teleporters are arranged by COLORED ROOMS from blue being the lowest level zones, to red being the highest! Atlas Park, Galaxy City, Kings Row, and The Hollows are in the BLUE ROOM. Steel Canyon, Skyway City, Boomtown, and Faultline are in the GREEN ROOM. Talos Island, Independence Port, Croatoa, and Dark Astoria are in the YELLOW ROOM. And finally, Brickstown, Founders Falls, Peregrine Island, and Rikti War Zone are in the RED ROOM. In the future, we hope to add Striga Isle, Crey's Folly, Eden, and Terra Volta."

"Of course, ANY good base needs a good powersource! So we have our Gargantuan Automatic Wireless Lynchpin Generator....or Generator GAWL for short! GAWL provides a surplus of power to the base, but should the need later arise, it will be augmented with circuit-breakers.

"Currently we have a mainframe and two attached databases handling all of the control for our base. Sadly, this is not sufficient! Therefore, we're hoping to upgrade to a Supercomputer in the future. We need our members to help earn prestige to help pay for this massive invention!"

"We DO have other Control Augmentations, but this section is greatly in progress. We hope to have a more efficiently functioning control room in the near future."

"We DO currently have a workshop! It is small, but equipped with the basics. Most notably, a workbench for creating base items from salvage!"

"We do hope to expand upon our workshop in the future to include a vault, as well as more advanced machines to hold enhancments, inspirations, and other salvages."

"At present we do have a singular salvage rack for holding 999 salvage items. All salvages are free for our members to use."