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Impressive! You've made it to level 30. Level 30 gives you the option of Auras as well as a Solo-Mode costume.

1. At level 30 you now have the option of getting an aura. We do not restrict your aura on your uniform, as long as it is in your color.

2.Your third costume, to go by our typical standards, is Solo-Mode. Solomode, in essence, is your Neo gone SOLO! Oh no! Ok well, it's not really a bad thing. Think of it this way: Your Neo has earned enough prestige to wear a hero-type outfit of their choice!

3. The options for Solo-Mode are vast! At this level you re highly encouraged to attempt to become a Neo Elite. This is more than just a promotion however, this gives you a small form of encouraged responsibility, as well as authority over any recruits.