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Life had been slow for Team Neo as of late, and by some odd circumstance several of the newer and weaker recruits had been vanishing left and right. Neo-Kato, sensing something might have been wrong informed his friends, "I need to investigate a rumor I've heard. I'll be back in three days." However, Kato did not return, and in their worry, the Neos held a quorum in Atlas to decide what to do, when they were approached by a voluptuous, if not somewhat porcine, woman wearing a rather malicious looking costume.

"MO HO HO!" The woman screeched, "My name is Veronica Vile! And I am here to make a proposal to you, Team Neo. I have kidnapped Kato, and he has now been 'enlightened' to my cause. Join me Team Neo! Join the Vile Alliance and I will return your leader." Team Neo however was not one to give into such outrageous demands, and thus Tai responded with an outrageous answer. "How about, you give us Kato back, and then we'll introduce you to the Subway Diet, fatty!

As the Neo's chortled at the growing frustration in Kato's captor, the insults continued toward Veronica Vile who eventually erupted in a rage. "THATS IT! I'm going to destroy you all!" she cried. She took them to the arena where they faced off one on one. Tai made a first attempt and almost succeded, but Vile's trickery and tactics of retreat while ahead won her a victory. The second to fight her was the magnificent Neo-Spik Ten, a lovely new recruit who proved herself by conquering Veronica without even breaking a sweat.

After the victory Neo-Kenraida yelled out "Where is Kato! Tell us, or we'll trash you again!" and with a loud explosion, and a burst of his powers, Veronica fell to fear. "Ok, ok! I give in!" she resigned, "Kato is in the Hollow. But," she began to smile, "He is no longer one of you. I told you he has become one of the Vile Alliance! Kato is no longer on TEAM NEO!" Tai responded with "They should take McDonalds and rename it McViles because it's obvious you're their best customer." Veronica grumbled and then hastily departed as Team Neo made tracks to the Hollows.

The search was not an easy one as the Neos found. Hordes of angry Trolls, violent Outcasts, and deadly Igneous stood before every step the Neos made, but after a persistent and exhausting search, Azre managed to track down their fallen leader, unconcious in a ditch. "He's in critical condition." Sora exclaimed. "He can't use his healing mechanisims on his Neoskin if he's knocked out. Anyone have a way to rez him?" Indeed they did, and in moments Kato was back on his feet but, he was different.

Kato leapt to his feet and began snarling at his friends as if they were members of The Lost. "Filthy Neos. I will kill you all!" he roared. Team Neo was apalled, but it became apparent then that Kato had been brainwashed. Brainwashed he may have been, but he was still the same person and with a stint of quick thinking Azre pulled a saved up piece of candy from his pocket. Kato became entranced for long enough for the Team to decide what to do. "We shall take him to the arena, and beat some sense into his thick homeless person skull!" Tai cried. And with a few taunts towards Vile-Kato, he followed them angrily to the Arena.

Sora was the first to face off with Vile-Kato. But after the Neos waited with growing enthusiasm that upon his return Kato would be restored, they were saddened to find that Sora had been defeated. As Sora limped toward his allies after his defeat he sxplained. "He's way to strong for me. He's not wearing a Neoskin, it's something else. A Vileskin!"

Indeed he was, and after emerging Vile-Kato gleamed with glee at his triupmh. "You're all so weak. I could crush each and every one of you like insects!" But that gave Neo-Spik Ten an idea. She made a proposal. "If you are so powerful Kato, why not take three of us on at once?" Kato grinned at the notion and agreed. Spik Ten however, while her valour was great, she was no fool, and having already exhausted herself fighting Veronica, summoned Neo-Zice to take her position in the final bout against Kato. "I shall watch over you my friend." Spik Ten encouraged, to with Zice replied with a smile and a nod.

It was no surprise that Kato was an easy target to find, with his constant taunts and claims of issuing his wrath upon Team Neo, theywere able to find him easily. They managed to track him down to a central room where ambushed him together. Kato became confused at the display of unity and teamwork demonstrated, and showed a moment of hesitation as the Neos closed in for the attack.

With blow after striking blow pummeling Kato, the Vile brainwashing began to wear off and Kato began to remember himself. He lowered his guard as the the attack pursued, and Kato softly uttered, "Yes, please help me. Break me free." Tai, with determination for victory punched harder with his fists to drive the Vile from Kato. Sora, with hope,swung his sword down with greater speed to expedite their rescue. And Zice, with courage, kept the attention of the malicious Kato, taking his punishment bravely knowing it was the only way to get him back.

With one final blow, and in perfect unison, Team Neo Cried out "TEAM NEO! ATATCK!" as the final hits together stuck Kato. He backed up and wavered, shaing at the knees, and then finally collapsed. As they carried him from the Arena he regained conciousness and smiled. "I have such a headache. And my suit feels like it was made by a fat greasy person." The Neos cired with joy at their success and there was much rejoicing. But Kato, before finally passing out again, uttered a few words of warning. "There are other Viles out there, and they are coming for us."