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STEP 1: Easy enough. Select any Archtype you want with a TECHNOLOGY origin. If you’re making a peacebringer or warshade you’re exempt. Then select whatever powers you want, and whatever body size you want, and proceed to the actual look of your character. Check that COPY CURRENT COLORS ACROSS ENTIRE BODY is selected at being ON. Then make the PRIMARY COLOR into black, and the SECONDARY COLOR into anything BUT black.

STEP 2: Now, turn COPY CURRENT COLORS ACROSS ENTIRE BODY to the OFF setting. At this time feel free to change your character’s skin color, facial scales or body scales. Then change the head to FULL HELMETS, TECH HELMETS and make the PRIMARY AND SECONDARY COLORS THE SAME for the helmet ONlY. Last, select a visor from the DETAIL 2 tab, and make it entirely black. See the image below.

STEP 3: We would like to point out that there are many visors available to you, but only SEVEN of them are available for usage. Select the ones below or the one above for your visor.

STEP 4: Now for the longest and EASIEST step. Make the torso and pants either TIGHTS, TIGHTS SLEEK or TIGHTS SMOOTH, and give them the color detail FAT STRIPE 2. If done right, your gloves and boots, as well as a vertical stripe in the center will all be black. IF YOU WOULD LIKE, AT THIS POINT, YOU MAY MAKE THE GLOVES STANDARD, LARGE, FLARED, OR BANDED as long as they are of the SHINY LEATHER setting. Do not touch the boots.

STEP 5: The belt is the most often messed up part, usually no one bothers to pay attention carefully. The belt style is JEWEL, and you need to change the PRIMARY COLOR TO GRAY and the SECONDARY COLOR TO GOLD. If you’ll notice the image below, we have selected very specific colors for the belt. From the top left color palette bauble, go over to the right to the 4th bauble for the gray. And for the gold, go over to the 7th bauble, and down to the 4th row. Please look at the visual reference for this, as we are VERY picky about the belt.

STEP 6:And last but not least, the chest detail. Use SYMBOL 7 and make the PRIMARY COLOR WHITE and the SECONDARY COLOR BLACK. Look at the provided image for what the Chest Detail and Belt would look like if correct.

STEP 7: If you've followed the guide, your outcome should look something like below. If it's wrong, you'll have to remake it! We will NOT escort to ICON even for the tiniest mistake. Name your character with Neo-(Whatever), replacing the (Whatever) with a SINGLE word of your choosing. Neo-Frost Fire will not be acepted. But a Neo-Frost or a Neo-Fire would be. Log on and speak to one of the leaders for an inspection.