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Welcome! Here we will direct you through a quick STEP-BY-STEP process on how you too can become a Team Neo Member!

1. Find one of the Team Neo Leaders! Currently, it includes: Neo-Kato, Neo-Tai, Neo-Azre, Neo-Kai, or Neo-Phage.

2. Send an in-game tell to one of the above members, or just any form of Chat to let them know you want to join!

3. You will most likely be redirected to this section of the website and to the Tutorial.

4. Follow the Step By Step instructions on making a Neo to the letter, and then find the person recruiting you.

5. The recruiter will inspect your uniform, and ask you to correct them. If your uniform is incorrect, you WILL be asked to remake, NO EXCEPTIONS. So take it slow and try to get it perfect on the 1st try.

6. Once we have inspected you fully we will recite the Neo Code for you. This code is our simple set of rules we all follow to maintain etiquette during gameplay.

7. And Finally we invite you into SG. Good luck!