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Congratulations! Level 40 should give you your fourth costume slot! Now I will decsribe the specifics of the level 40 Uniform.

1. We remind you any of the SG's alternate modes are purely optional. However, we request that any Bosses have it. The level 40 costume is the GENEO costume, and represents the pinnacle of Neo-Technology.

2.While we WILL provide you with images here, we will NOT describe the costume specifics, as this costume is a mark of honor and ability. It should be rare to find and awesome to look at. If you can get to this level, duplicating the Geneo should be easy.

3. If you want to be a Neo Boss, and thereby get an actual DRAWN image for the site, you must be at least level 40, have the regular and Geneo uniforms, and have earned at least 100K Prestige for the SG.