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REAL NAME: Liao Tai Jeh
AGE: 24
MOTTO: "All you gotta do is lay low, get that stress off your chest, and live life to its fullest."
HISTORY: Veronica Violet in her younger years developed many useful advances in the technological field. As a child prodigy she signed on with a small but growing firm known as the Alti Corporation. There she received the initial funding for her nano-technology research. She created the very first "swarm" weapon which consisted of billions of airborne Nanites that could be controlled by a mother unit. This weapon resembled a black cloud that would bombard a target with fierce friction, and literally assimilate other metals to sustain itself. However, the nanites did not do well around biological suppressants or narcotics. Small bits of whatever drugs would inhibit their bio-mechanical nature, and so research on how to counter drugs was needed. It seemed like a worthy project, as at the time Veronica was still working for the benefit of mankind.

Then she met the human guinea-pig, Liao Tai Jeh who had apparently volunteered for the drug research, but was prone to outbursts. To Veronica's disapproval he was kept in a cell and treated like an animal, making Veronica questionable about his volunteer contract. She tried to talk to Tai but could get no response. And so she called in a friend of the family who was of Asian origin. The man, (Oriental Vile later), was able to gain a new perspective on Tai's condition. He had been kidnapped and purposefully fed narcotics to force an addiction. He was a dual project in researching more addicting narcotics, as well as how to make nano-injected subjects immune to them. Alti was planning to boost their pharmaceutical sales by making them an addiction.

Unhappy with these illegal practices she may have been, she was under legal contract still and could not report to the police without investigation.So, she decided continue her research if only to help the boy. While working late one night she discovered a breakthrough on her Swarm project that let it combine with biological data. She offered a proposal to Tai. She did not approve of his enslavement, but could not take direct actions to free him. So she would fuse his body with the Black Swarm Nanites, and look away. Tai accepted and the experiment began. It was undoubtedly painful, and it dissolved Tai's entire being into the Swarm, allowing him to convert between a biological status, and a form that appeared as a black cloud. Using this cloud form he was able to simply float through the bars of his cell, and went on a rampage. Tai's victims were left with polluted sin covered in black scars from dead Nanite larvae, while their internal organs has dissolved. Thinking this was a new strain of virus caused by the narcotics, Alti was investigated and shut down.

Tai drifted away from his captivity, but found himself losing control of his new body. By ingesting narcotics we was able to suppress the swarm and maintain a human form. Many people considered him a deadbeat druggie, but in truth this was the only way he could maintain a solid form. After drifting endlessly though the rough streets of Paragon, Tai eventually reunited with (Oriental Vile). (Oriental) pitied Tai's circumstance and offered to train Tai to suppress the swarm by sheer force of will. It took many years of training and learning under (Oriental's) care before Tai's disciplined training was complete. It was on that day that (Oriental) left without warning leaving Tai a note that he had been summoned to help an old friend who had chosen a path of evil. Attached to the note was a jacket patch in the shape of Team Neo's insignia. He began a career as the hero Black Plasma to earn a reputation before searching out Team Neo. He was recruited by Neo-Oni and joined in short order. The Neo Skins were very helpful in suppressing Tai's nanite nature, letting him control that form flawlessly. He has since dedicated himself to the team and earned a prestigious rank in honor of those who had saved him in the past.