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REAL NAME: Sora Kaze Isaka
AGE: As far as he knows, 22
MOTTO: "Get behind me, I'll hold them off."
HISTORY: Sora Kaze Isaka has and probably always will be one of Paragon City's finest lawyers. His dedication, focus, and determination have gotten him very far in his carrer. In fact, it was these attributes that led to Sora being called upon by Julie Belle, a scientist with an interesting outlook on Sora... (I WANT YOUR BODY... FOR SCIENCE YOU PERVERT!)... Sora became the family lawyer for the Belle residence and when Julie stepped down due to injuries obtained from a sever mob beating to the head, Sora went into partnership with the first man ever fitted with a Neo-Skin... Kato Regama.

As fate would have it, the moment that Sora slipped into the Neo-Skin he exploded into flames and in his hand a sword made of fire materialized, and thusly the world was introduced for the first time to Neo-Sora. As time went on, Sora's body began to react to the Neo-Skin in a very interesting way. As his strength grew, the lawyer began to notice that even when he was not in his Neo-Skin, he could command the firey auras that gave him his power. Not long after he became capable of flight, something amazing happened to Sora. While he was in his office one morning, his back began to pulsate and bulge, and after exploding into a ball of red and blue fire, the lawyer walked out of the smoke with a magnificant pair of blue and red wings. It turns out that the Neo-Skin had awakened the hidden power within Sora Kaze Isaka: he was a dragon.

Now capable of breathing fire, and commanding amazing firey explosions, Neo-Sora is a name that is truely feared by the underworld. The only catch is that in order to appear human, he must be in his Neo-Skin. It is for this reason that whenever he is in court, he wears a suit over his Neo-Skin and meerly removes his helmet.