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In lieu of having their leader back, the Neos celebrated with a grand party. Food was plentiful and smiles were abundant. But Kato did not smile like his normal self. He wore a grim expression as he reflected on recent events. "What's wrong old chap?" Sora asked. "It's the Viles. All of them. We need their help if we're ever to find Veronica Vile." Sora gazed at kato with a puzzeled look, wondering why their leader would concern himself still with Veronica Vile. But as the party continued to grow grander, Kato could not help but begin to grin. "Oh well. After the celebration is over, I will tell them what we must do."

A few days later Kato informed his friends that he had set a time and date for meeting one of Veronica's henchmen. "His name is King Skull, and he's the leader of one-fifth of Veronica's Vile Alliance." The Neos equipped themselves with their suits and departed to Kings Row to meet with the mysterious informant. King Skull was a large and muscled man, apparently an ex-member of the Skulls gang. He gazed sternly as the team approached and spoke to them as they listened. "Before you get all huffish and start attacking me, let's talk first. As strong as I am, I'm no match for those Neoskins you're wearing, so let's match wits instead." The King Skull shambled away, motioning for the Neos to follow.
He led them to an empty parking lot to be greeted by his associate and minion, another skull only female. As the Neos gathered around the duo, King turned slowly and spoke. "I hate Veronica Vile. I want her taken down, but my minions wouldn't stand a chance. Thats why I need you Neos. I want you to meet with the other four leaders in the Vile Alliance and earn their trust. Your first shall be Helix Acid." The Neos, wary of their 'ally,' listened as King continued. "In order to meet with Helix Acid, you must earn the badges which go with the five riddles. I will tell them to you and then come back to me to show your success."

"How do you bury a body?" This was the first riddle. The Neos left with the words ringing in their ears, puzzling what it could mean. "With a shovel?" Fero said. "By killing it?" Tai said. "No! By digging a grave!" Sora realized. Indeed digging a grave was the answer, and this meant the Neos needed the badge "Gravedigger." "TO THE SEWERS!" Kato shouted as the team leapt to life to pursue the first badge. The sewers were thick with Vahzilok zombies, yet earning the badge was no small task." The Team seperated and scouring the grimy depths looking for their quarry.

After a period of contiual battle upon battle with the zombies, the Neos had a pile of them stacked high, but not one of them had a badge. "Where could it be?" Kid asked as they rummaged through the remains. The group exchanged glances and shrugs and suggestions, but in the confusion they forgot about Neo-Zice. Zice was lost somewhere and though she was not defensless was still pursued by a horde of angry Vahzilok. "HELP MEEEEEE!" she cried out as she backed away from the encroaching army but as she backed up she suddenly stopped and bore witness to an unusual and rare event. In their pursuit an embalmed cadaver tripped and fell to the ground, causing the reaper behind to trip on top! In an grandiose chain reaction the Vahzilok all tripped over each other and dogpiled into a massive heap at Zice's feet. Amongst the moans and groans, something caught Zice's eye, shimmering on the ground. "I got it!" Zice squealed with delight as she returned to her fellows with the first badge in hand.

"What do you call something made by the Devil?" This was the second riddle the Skull King posed. As the Neos walked away in a similar fasion as before Kid got the idea, and exclaimed "Hellspawned!" Thus the Neos set off to fight the Hellions to discover the whereabouts of the second badge. Some went to Atlas, others back to the sewers, but this time it was Kid who met with success. In an encounter with a Hellion, as strong fierce kick sent the goon flying and cased the badge to fall from his pocket. Kid picked up the glimmering token and returned to the group, ready for the next challenge.

"What did the three goats face as they tried to cross the bridge?" This was the third riddle and it seemed easy enough. "Obviously it's Trolls!" Tai snorted. So the gang left for the Hollows to find the next badge. The Trolls meanwhile gathered together in a quorum to discuss the impending attack. "Neos come. They make trouble for Trolls! We smash them! Smash them good!" And with a snarl they ganged together ready for the attack.

The Hollows seemed unusually silent for the Neos. Their trek through the abandoned streets and fallen crags was devoid of encounter. But when they reached a point in a parking lot near a field, the angry roars of trolls echoed around them. "We're surrounded!" Sora exclaimed. "Fight them!" And fight them they did, tooth and nail, but their battles rage began to attract some rather unwanted attention and soon the Neos found themselves grossly outnumbered by both Trolls and Outcasts.

In the hustle and tussle the Neos got seperated each minding his own. Zice once again found herself facing down another legion of foes alone, but this time they were Ice outcasts. "Hey little missy Neo. We're gonna smack you up!" the thugs taunted. Zice merely smiled vaguely and then erupted in a blizzard of ice. Within seconds the gangers were on the ground and Zice, luckily, caught sight of a badge one of them was holding. "This might come in handy!" she said to herself as she returned to her fellows.

When the Neos regroup they had already cleaned up and the Trolls were mountained in a pile on the ground. With the Regenerator badge from the Trolls in handm the team had but two badges left before their task was fully complete. They returned to the Skull King who stated the next riddle; "I predict which way the clouds will move. What am I?" This being a rather unusual riddle left the Neos stunned and unsure. Zice on the other hand flipped the badge she had acquired from the Outcasts into the air, and as it landed back in her palm replied, "The Weatherman. I have it right here."

Finally the Neos had four badges and the King conceded the fifth. "What do sticks and stones do?" "They break bones Sora said, taunting the King with a strong fist into his palm. "Very well." the Skull King replied, "I will give you my Bonesmasher badge, for you have beaten my game."

At last the task was done and the Neos returned homw awaiting to hear back from the Skull King. "I will set up a meeting with Helix Acid for you. Until then, Adieu." His word echoed deeply in the Neos ears as they regained their thoughts on the present.