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REAL NAME: Shou Akio
AGE: 17
MOTTO: "Live in the fast lane or eat road dust!"
HISTORY: As time in Team Neo pressed on, Kato found himself all too often in the labs doing research for Julie Belle. Intent on improving Neo Technology Kato worked tirelessly alongside the researcher to find the answers. However, this stint away from action greatly lowered morale and many members seemed to drift away, feeling the team had rather lost its touch. Realizing his poor choice in actions, Kato decided it was time to find an heir.

At that time, Shou had only just gotten out of High School, and against the wishes of his parents decided to pursue a career as a race-car driver. Despite his fine education and top-notch physical trainers, Shou ignored the wishes of his wealthy family, and went to a race track every day instead of college.

Shou, while out on a walk, came across an off-duty Kato, and recognized him. Shou, feeling snooty, decided to heckle the neo leader about a number of sensetive subjects. As a result, the two got into a fight. Remarkably, Shou WON the battle fairly easily. Smirking at Kato's loss Shou wen about his business.

Beating Kato was the WORST thing Shou could have done. NOW Kato had decided to play talent scout and kept tailing Shou asking him to join Team Neo. Shou of course refuses the offers, and would often make fairly clever escapes. When Kato realized that Shou was a tough nut to crack....HE SUMMONED JULIE BELLE TO RECRUIT HIM.

Shou of course could not help but laugh like crazy when a small, slightly robust old lady showed up on his walk, ordering him to join Team Neo. But not taking Julie seriously is NEVER wise no matter WHO you are. Julie challenged Shou to a fight stating that if Shou won she'd leave him alone. But if Julie won, Shou would have to join Team Neo. Agreeing, Shou began to attack the old lady pleased that his freedom would be so satisfying.

But Shou didn't win. Not even close. Julie didn't just beat him, she humiliated him beyond all measure. A small 52 year old woman with a few gray hairs showing PWN'D Shou like no one had ever PWN'D before. Completely aghast, Shou refused to uphold his end of the deal and ran home in anger. At home, as days passed, his anger at defeat built into an explosive outburst at his parents, wishing they were dead. Shou ran away from home that night. The same night the Rikti returned to Paragon City.

In the chaos of the first Rikti raid, Shou saw first-hand the horrors of the alien meanace. Racing back home to his family, he found his house destroyed and his family dead. Driven mad with grief, he fought as many Rikti as he could with his bare hands before a stray blast knocked him out. When he next awoke he was in the Team Neo base faced with the grim reality that his parents were gone and he had no-one left. True to his word now, he joined Team Neo, and agreed to become Kato's replacement. Heading a newly reformed Earth Defense squadron of Neos, Shou has taken on the mantle of leadership. With Kato able to research in total, newer, better Neo Skins were made. And Team Neo: EDF was born.