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The sun was slowly setting as the Neos gathered once again for another meeting. This time it was to be a fabulous beach party! Some could only drop by to say hello before continuing their patrols, while others took a little time off to relax and inhale the salty ocean air.

But as the time passed, evening fell, and the Neos lost track of time. Tai had brought a "special keg" of some sort of liquid, which he carried on his back. Unknowingly, the contents of this would keep everyone smiling and partying all the way until dawn. But as the time approached, it began to wear off, particularly for Oni. "Ugh, I don't feel so good." As the sun rose, and as Oni did her best to wipe the sand and hangover from herself, Kato, always a morning person, broke the silent dawn with shrieks of "Look at that! Coming out of the water! What the heck is it?!" The Neos thought at first that maybe it was a shark, but then again sharks were never Teal and Pink. The creature approached shore and it became apparrent that this was none other than Helix Acid, the mutant girl from the Vile Alliance who had hired the Sky Raiders to kidnap Sora only a few weeks before.
"Miss Veronica says you're all naughty people! I don't like naughty people!" Helix said. Kato was in no mood to chat, and immediately his Neo-Skin came from his belt and coated his body. "Naughty? Speak for yourself! Now tell us where you've taken Sora!" Helix would not answer even in the face of the angry, approaching Neos. With determination, Helix then put up her shield and readied for combat. The Neos dashed to the anrena to face their opponent, and put an end to her mischief.

Mysteriously, the battle landed them in Atlas Plaza, still morning and devoid of pedestrians. The Neos looked around for their quarry, as Kato walked over to Oni to offer a word. "Um, Oni, just remember not to kill her, ok?" Oni was still woozy from the evenig before and with an angry glare silenced Kato's words. Thoughts of anger began racing through her head; Tai's keg, her hangover, and now she wasn't allowed to exert her full force on Helix. "This is going to be one of those days." Oni said, broken off by cries of "She's over here!"

Helix was hardly a challenge for the full might of Team Neo. The Neos swarmed over her like bees. Helix recieved a tremendous beatdown from Team Neo. Had her mutant shell not protected her, there would be little more than pulp. After a few rounds of beatings, Helix finally cried Uncle, and the Neos escorted her out under close surveillance.

"Now tell us where Sora is!" Helix broke down. She explained to Team Neo how sorry she was for following Veronica. She apologized again and again, and Team Neo couldn't help but feel sorry for this confused and lost little girl. Helix turned herself over to the police but not before revealing Sora's whereabouts. Team Neo nodded in reply and watched as the police carried her off. "Let's go Neos. I've waited too long to see Sora's shining smile again."

It wasn't exactly a smile the Neos found when the came across Sora. He was alone on a snall islan living off various sea-life, and reeked of fish. His body was mutated in the same manner as Helix. His voice was garbled and monstorous. "Wow...he's ugly!" Kato said in a semi smirk. Sora had become some sort of mutant and could barely even speak. In his garbled language, he managed to choke out the word, "Or-I-En-Tal." "Wait a minute," Kato said, "I understood that! Back in the day Sora and I knew this wise prophet and alchemist. He's helped us before, maybe he can help us again." So with Sora in tow, the Neos set off for Skyway city to meet up with Oriental Vile, and partake of his wisdom.

Oriental was a kind man, and the Neos had wondered why he was considered a member of the Vile Alliance. It seemed that he saw in Veronica a heart in need of help, something the Neos had never though about before. Orientel inspected Sora, and then with a grin explained that Sora could be cured. "However, I need you to collect for me some ingredients around Skyway for the Spell of Restoration." He gave the Neos a list and then set them about their work.

With the articles in hand things seemed to be looking up, but Oni's words broke the hope with a simple "I'm going to kill that frog-man." Oriental lay in a slump, recently being beaten around by something much larger and more powerful. They revived him, and he spoke. "I am sorry Team Neo, I gre careless. Sora has escaped into Perez Park. He's on a rampage! I will stay here and make the potion, but some of you will need to find him and detain him." Oni personally volunteered. "Detain? Like beat the living lights out of him?" She smiled, "I'm one step ahead of you."

WHAM! WHACK! Sora's rage was erupting in Perez. Oni found him easily, the only greenish thing in the area that people were running away from. Kai had come along to help, while the rest of the Neos were about helping Oriental. It was an Ogre versus Ogre battle as Oni and Sora dashed towards each other. Swords and axes were flying as Kai stayed his distance and began a beatdown, Nictus style.

Time pressed on and neither side caved an inch. Oni was not being damaged and Sora was not tiring. Only Kai seemed to be waering down in this fight, and amidst he began eating potato chips. Then the tide was ready to turn when the mutant Sora uttered a small comment..."Oni smell like fish...." Oni's anger capped and with one tremendous WHACK, Sora went flying into the sky. Team Neo found him an hour later unconcious and delirious. "What did you do do him Oni?" Kato had to ask. "He said I smelled like fish!" Kato whiffed the air, then looked at Sora. He chose to keep his thoughts to himself.

The spell worked and Sora was back to normal. The Neoss rejoiced at having their friend ack. "It's good to be rich again Neos. Thanks for everything! Say why don't we all go celebrate?" Tai approached with his keg in hand and said "I have a proven method."