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It had never been in the nature of the Neos to keep secret from each other. But this situation was far different. King Skull had been true to his word, and gave Neo-Kato the information necessary to have a meeting with Helix Mantique. This new contact was one of Veronica Vile's elite cadre as well, ranking higher than King Skull. King Skull was in protective custody where he would testify against Veronica Vile upon her arrest. In the meanttime he had 6 months imprisonment due to lack of evidence that he had done anything wrong. The information he had given, was to present the five badges to Helix Acid, who often had a moment of reprieve every evening on a bridge in Independence Port. Kato was advised however, that she was a timid character, and it would be best to approach her alone. Kato resigned that this operation might be best kept a secret, to avoid any unwanted hostilities.

Kato met with the creature first, who was shocked at his arrival and taken aback by his kindness and sincerity. Helix Acid watched as Kato approached her and in awe said "You're Kato! What are you doing here! I won't go down without a fight!" Kato stopped his pace and looked upon the frightened little girl and thought how miserable she must be. "Don't worry Helix! I'm not gonna hurt you. I just heard that you were trying to get out of the Vile Alliance, that you had had a change of heart." Helix paused a moment, and then with relief said "Oh thank goodness your here! Did you bring the others? I need your help desperately! I'm in trouble with both the alliance AND the Skyraiders." Kato gathered his best allies, Sora, Tai and Azre and listened to Helix's story. She spoke on how she desired to turn to the path of good, but she had to disappear for a while. She asked that Team Neo seek out an office building with her files in it, and retrieve them. This office was long a suspected front company for the Vile Alliance, so Kato was ready to take on the challenge.
Helix leapt off the bridge and swam off as a misty dawn rose above the waters of the bay. The Neos gathered to discuss their strategy, all carefully laid out by Sora. "Ok. We can bypass the security easily enough, but locating the files is a whole different matter. I suggest we tread with care. I don't want to end up unconcious with Tai laying the same way on top of the pile." Tai seemed uninterested in the conversation as he walked over and began one with a couple of Tsoo. Azre seemed distracted by the thoughts of his younger brother who had apparently been missing for a while. Kato always semed to have ADD in the first place and was off looking at a puddle. Sora frowned, expecting that disaster would be the only thing to come from this mission. He was right.

The four Neos arrived in confidence, prepared for the challenges ahead. The goal was to split up and find Helix's files. Getting into the backroom was easy for them, almost too easy. Kato had never been one to "look a gift horse in the mouth" and pressed onwards. It wasn't too long before they reached a door marked "FILE ROOM." Sora pressed on inwards without hesitation as Azre Tai and Kato held back. There was something about the sign on the door that made them suspicious. Perhaps it was the fact that it was a pice of brown carboard with the words "FILE ROOM" only recently painted on. Or maybe it was the fact that it was taped to the door in a hasty fashion with scotch tape. But whatever the reason the Neos were hisitant to enter.

With a loud crash and a few gunshots the Neos realized that this had been a trap all along. "That schemeing witch!" Azre cried. "I'll bet she planned this all along!" The Neos fought bravely as best as they could given the circumstances, knowing Sora had probably been captured. But despite their efforts they were overwhelmed and the Sky Raider had them beaten.

As Neos slowly lost conciousness they heard little more than the marching of boots on the cold linoleum floor. They heard shouts of struggle and then a soft scraping noise as if something was being dragged away. Neo-Sora, their trusted friend was being taken away. Kato knew he would put up a fight and could ease his thoughts. He knew that Sora would not go down so easily and as soon as they brought him to their lair he could escape. Perhaps is had been delirium at the time for Sora would not be coming back. Not for a very long time.

"What do you call something made by the Devil?" This was the second riddle the Skull King posed to the Neos when they had met with him. They recalled the other riddles about gravedigging, trolls, broken bones, and as they lay there began to wonder if these where things hidden within Helix Acid's true nature. The Neos had been defeated from the wily works of a dimunuitive devil who could summon rains of ice and snow as well as protect herself with atmospheric bubbles. They realized that King Skull had ben trying to warn them all along.