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It began on a sunny warm afternoon in Paragon City. As a manner of greeting the new arrivals, as well as a break from crime fighting, Team Neo decided to have a Picnic in Perez Park. Everyone was in good spirits, and for a while Kato could forget about his missing friend. Neo-Sora had been captured by the Sky Raiders after their last meeting with Helix Acid. Kato felt that Sora would be able to defend himself, but as time passed he became worried. In the shining sun and cool September weather, Team Neo gathered to enjoy themselves. Lately however, concerns and questions were arising about the wherabouts of Team Neo's Archnemesis, Veronica Vile.

With plenty of laughter and fun everything seemed to be going well. Time passed as more of the Neos showed up to join the festivities. Eventually, everyone seemed to catch on to Kato's concern and implored him to share his feelings. "Well, it's not that I'm unhappy, I'm just a little worried. Sora is still missing and Veronica is still out there. And-" Kato stopped. He closed his eyes for a moment and took a breath before continuing. "Have any of you heard of Gemyni?"

The Neos gathered to hear the tale. Kato spoke little, and only of what he knew. He told them that he was glad the picnic was goin so well, and was sad to leave it for an investigation. "But don't leave without me ok? I'll be back soon enough." And with a dash Kato left, taking Neo-Tai along with him.

Not long after Kato left did disaster approach. Without warning, the Neos suddenly halted their festivites at the sound of a repulsive "MO HO HO" which rang into their ears, approaching quickly. Indeed it was Veronica Vile! Veronica huffed and puffed straight into the picnic, and Team Neo prepared for a fight. "MO HO HO! You foolish Neos! Enjoying your little picnic? Well now that that deplorable Neo-Kato is gone, I VERONICA VILE have come to ruin your fun!" Veronica began jumping around like a hoodlum shouting insults at the various Neos. However, insults are words only, and this Veronica knew. With a sharp whistle, her henchman Brickar Vile Sprang forth from the trees with a legion of hired on Circle of Thorns as his side. "GO! GO! Destroy the Neos!" Veronica cried as chaos erupted at the picnic site.

Somewhere in the hustle and tussle, Veronica and Brickar made a stealthy retreat into the surrounding woods. With the Neos contending with the Circle of Thorns, the villians seemed to get away scot free by hiding in a cave, but a trail of footprints and french fries divulged their location to the scrutinizing eyes of Neo-Oni. Oni led the team into the cave bent of pursuing her to the ends of the earth for ruining the picnic.

It didn't take long for the Neos to invade the cave and fight their way past the hired goons. In shock and fear, Veronica immediately blamed her capture upon Brickar. But with a few angry glares from the encroaching Neos, Veronica had no choice but to follow them outside.

"MO HO HO" was the first thing to come from Veronica's lips as she stepped outside the cave. Under the carefule watch of the Neos she explained that she knew of Gemyni, which Kato had spoken of earlier. She told them that Gemyni was an alien who could see into the future. "Imagine what the Vile Alliance could do if we could see into the future! There would be no more Neo picnics, EVER!" Veronica had been searching for Gemyni in King's Row she told them. Sadly, her quick thinking averted her capture with a brief "WHAT THE HECK IS THAT!!!" followed by a dash away. "Well, let's go then." Jamn said cooly. "Let's go to King's Row and meet this Gemyni."

After a time of searching, the Neos caught sight of a small voice calling to them from atop a water cooler. "Over here! Please help me!" it beckoned. The Neos had found Gemyni. "Thank you so much for finding me. Gather close I have much to tell you."

"Your world is doomed!" Gemyni said. She began to tell Team Neo of her horrible premonition thatthey would soon all be no more. She explained that within a fortnight or two an evil copy of Team Neo, called the Nega Legion, would appear to cause untld havoc. "While their appearance is inevitable, your destruction is not. In time you may be our only hope, but you must follow my wisdom. If you are to remain you must first defeat Brickar Vile. You will find him in the arena awaiting you all."

It wasn't difficult to find the fat lummox chuckling to himself outside the doors of the arena. "Sorry about that picnic Neos, just doing my job. Or did you come here for a fight?!" With grim determination the Neos intentions became clear to Brickar as he stepped into the doors of the arena. "Alright then. I'll prove to you no-good-neos who's better! You can't take the Brickar!"

Tenshin, a young aspiring Neo, stepped up to the challenge. From the sidelines Team Neo gathered in wild enthusiasm and support for their comrade. With his trusty bow and a keen eye the two began their battle. It seemed to be evenly matched, neither side pullng a distinct victory. Sometimes, Brickar had the upper hand, and sometimes. Tenshin. As the heated battle raged tensions grew further and further to the edge. Both fighters were ready to drop, with the scores even, and each needing only one more point to succed. Brickar charged Tenshin with a mighty roar. "THIS IS THE END FOR YOU NEOS!"

When the timer buzzed and the smoke cleared all became apparent. Tenshin had won, and Team Neo had completed their first step of survival. None knew what secrets lay ahead of them, or what monster's they'd have to face, but for the present they could relish their victory. Kato, who had arrived on the scene bore good news about Sora's whereabouts. In a hearty congratulation, he said "In honor of yours, and our victory, Tenshin, let's have...a picnic!" The other Neos groaned and walked away from the clueless leader in hopes that they'd never see another picnic table..again.