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REAL NAME: Bobby Von Betterthanyou
AGE: 21
SECONDARY POWERS: Energy Manipulation
MOTTO: "I don't even need a suit for THIS butt to be super!"
HISTORY: Bobby Von Betterthanyou was at the top of his game. He had money, fame, looks, a stretch limo in any color he wanted and he wasn't set to go down any time soon. Perhaps, though, this was not such a good thing for him, as his popularity garnered the attention of one Koji Pandora.

Being a supermodel, Bobby was renowned for his spectacularly impressive behind, a fact that had not gone unnoticed to him. Such was the reason Koji desired such a glutteous for himself, to put his perfect body one more step towards completion. One night, as Bobby was out and about fleshing out his wardrobe, he was snatched by three Vahzilok, who caught him offguard.

He awoke strapped to a table and terrified that these ruffians might have soiled his versace jeans. It was then that the horrible voice spoke to him and informed him "Your pants are the last thing you should be concerned for. I desire something far more valuable." With a wave of relief, Bobby was more than happy to offer an autograph in exchange for his life, though such an offer was met with a cold snicker. He was informed that Koji would take possesion of his perfect posterior so that his new body might be one step closer to perfection.

This was Koji's mistake. Hell hath no fury like a supermodel who fears for his image, and Bobby was no average supermodel either. As the Vahzilok prepped for the operation, he was overcome with a wave of inhuman strength, borne of his sheer survival instinct, and broke free of his bonds, making a run for it. And then he ran straight to the press to inform them of the incident, and how he had given the Vahzilok a little roughing up to make sure they never messed with him again.

As fate would have it, renowned scientist Julie Belle happened to be watching the news when the report aired, and found herself highly impressed with the man's skill, not to mention his shapely southern extremities. She issued an invitation to him to join Team Neo, to help prevent such incidents from happening again to anyone. Being a celebrity, Bobby was fully aware of what good deeds do for PR, and signed on immediately, taking up the mantle of Neo-Phage, hoping that leading a publicized double life as a super hero would make him even more popular.

And that it did, but strangely, it was not what he expected. Being out in the city, fighting off crime and protecting the innocent brought him more joy than any of his materialistic creature comforts. The more money he made, the more he realized that he couldn't find TRUE happiness in such a way. After a few short months with Team Neo, he found himself more serious about the job, and less worried about his public image. The Neo-Skin had surprisingly transformed not only his abilities, but his life as well. At least, somewhat. Phage still cannot resist the tantilizing lure of a designer clothing rack, or travel in anything but first class.

Over time he has become a better person, though he still thinks he has the most perfect butt in the world, and woe be unto any who would question him.