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REAL NAME: Kato Regama
AGE: 19
MOTTO: "If you do anything well in this world, make sure that eating well is among them."
HISTORY: Ryusuke Regama was a small-time but talented martial artist living in Osaka, Japan. He ran his own school of fighting and served as the master Sensei, training people from all around on his techniques. When business began to decline however, Ryusuke found himself yearning for a new location to perhaps catch more interest among the locals. Somewhat begrudgingly he moved to Paragon City with his loving wife, and then opened up his dojo. He met a very young woman there (17 years of age) named Veronica Violet. Her seductive ways eventually caught the better of Ryusuke, and the two of them bore a son in secret. Eventually Ryusuke's wife found out, and divorced her husband. Veronica, in her vileness, bequeath the newborn child unto Ryusuke and then seemingly vanished. Ryusuke repented his crimes and raised the son, Kato, as best he could. He taught Kato all of his knowledge of the martial arts in hopes that one day they could be put to good use. And then the Rikti descended upon Paragon city, and Ryusuke was killed leaving Kato all alone in the world.

For nearly three years Kato was little more than a homeless bum, until a chance encounter with a goofy scientist forever changed his life. Professer Julie Belle "adopted" Kato (even though he was 16 years old at the time) and used him as a guinea pig in her experiments. She fitted Kato with a form of super suit which she called a Neo-Skin. This Neo-Skin signifigantly boosted Kato's strength and agility, and allowed him to reconstuct his body almost instantaneously should he ever be injured. Unfortunately, the first thing which Kato had to do with this awesome power was to battle a gigantic tanker hero named Brickar, in order to help Professor Belle settle an old grudge. In combat, Kato and Brickar respected each others talents; were they not pitted against each other, they would have become an inseperable friendship. In the end however, Kato proved the victor and Belle was satisfied.

Sadly, this is no fairytale, but instead a tale of woe and depression. Belle, seeing Kato's performance with her technology, got the bright idea that she could do the same. Unfortunately, at this time, the Neo-Skins did not include a helmet, and this fact led Belle to taking several bludgeons to the head at the hands on three naughty Vahzilok. Seeing her weakness, Belle decided to retire and bequeath the entire Neo-Skin research for Kato's usage and distribution. And with the help of Kato and her family lawyer Sora, Team Neo began.