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REAL NAME: Jason Blackstar & Kaijen
AGE: 25
MOTTO: "The world does in fact revolve around me."
HISTORY: Kaijen was originally the Dark King of the Nega Legion warshades. As Portal Corp had tapped into a variety of existences such as Rikti Earth, the Shadow Shard, or evil the Nemesis World, there was one such world dominated entirely by warshade possessed aliens. The ruling caste of this dimension was known as the Nega Legion who ruled fair, but unopposed. Kaijen was the name of the Warshade Lord of the planet, who ruled in total apathy. He was not a war-like dictator, rather he was a king who simply did not care. Here, in this dimension, alignments were not opposed, but rather negated. That is why it was called a Negaverse. Ambassadors to the Nega Legion empire consisted of a handful of very carefully chosen Warshades. However, their diplomatic talks proved unsuccessful to the uncaring King and Court who simply didn't care for the prosper between other realms, rather to keep everything maintained at a steady balance. It was this diplomacy however that sparked the first flame of rebellion in the Negaverse.

There was a very young, and very wise Warshade in the Negaverse known as Konton. However, unlike most of the other citizens, he was competitive, and had a great deal of ambition. Upon hearing of the travelers to the other world he could not help but seek them out in curiosity. He was introduced to the power of emotions when one of the Ambassadors performed several sleight of hand maneuvers, which greatly inspired Konton. His deepest desire became to perform magic of any kind, and to inspire the same emotions upon the other Nega Legion citizens. He formulated an act of magic tricks and jokes, and then sought King Kaijen to become the court Jester. However, kaijen was appalled at the disgraceful display and mockery of the empire which Konton displayed. Kaijen had Konton locked in the dungeon first, then tortured, then exiled until he re missed his jester ways. But Konton refused to give in to the Tyranny, and something very dark blossomed inside him. A dark feeling of hatred.

While the heroes of Paragon elected to send friendly Warshades, there were of course a few select villains who came to meet and greet the warrior race. Among them was Koji Pandora, a wicked psychic with an abomination of a body. With his psychic intelligence, he was able to detect the wicked intent in Konton's heart and sought him out. It took little motivation to make Konton into a foreboding and evil force of darkness. Konton was inherently powerful, and Koji's psychic supplementations from behind the scenes, the Nega Legion fell into the control of Konton. Kaijen's fate was to be ripped from his shell, imprisoned, tortured, and then finally exiled at Konton's cruelly ironic command. However, Kaijen was exiled to the human earth where he was forced to inhabit a bystander or otherwise perish. With Koji's motivation, Konton eventually was encourage to make an attempt at conquering Paragon City, and subsequently the planet, But two sages from the Posiverse, the Gemini twins, arrived in Paragon City to seal the Nega Legion away. Their task was successful, and they departed for the stars.

Kaijen however, was now locked out of his home world, and forced into the human host. it took many years of sacrifice and understanding before Kaijen and his host Jason effectively came to a symbiotic friendship. When they learned to control their powers, they were scouted by Team Neo to fight evil. Seeing it as a good opportunity, Kaijen accepted the task, and has remained amongst their ranks waiting in silence, considering what would happen should the portal to the Negaverse ever re-open. There would be the opportunity to return to the Nega Legions as the king, and remain in a comfortable, but emotionless life, or suffer through hardships in Paragon and eventually reap the rewards of satisfaction for his noble deeds.