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Martial Arts/Regeneration
Veronica Violet was the lifelong archrival of Julie Belle, and also coincidentally the genetic mother of Neo-Kato. She had a history of poor encounters with others including the leacherous father of Neo-Kato as well as the villainous Alti Corporation. Her experiences left her rather poorly behaved especially when it came to antagonizing her equal in genius, Julie Belle. Sensitive about her weight, she challenged Julie Belle to a showdown of wits after an insulting argument. Veronica sought to tip the scales her her favor by hiring the ex-super-soldier Brickar Bossa, but this scheme failed and Brickar was beaten by Neo-Kato. Suddenly depressed by Julie Belle seeming to have brainwashed her own son, Veronica changed her last name to Vile and created an Anti-Hero organization for the sole purpose of dispatching Team Neo. Oddly enough, several encounters with the Neos Veronica never remembered due to her mind being psychically controlled by a mysterious person known as Koji Pandora. Veronica led her rag-tag posse for a short amount of time before running out of funds and being forced onto the street.
An ex-super-soldier, Brickar Bossa was hired by Veronica Vile to defeat Neo-Kato in an arena match. However, the armor Veronica supplied, while extremely resilient, prohibited Brickar's movement issuing him a loss. Feeling a great amount of pity for Veronica he vowed to come out of hero-retirement under the name Brickar Vile to serve as Veronica's right hand man. He has since been trying to convince Veronica to open up a fast food chain and cease her evil ways. With the recent disbanding of the Vile Alliance it seems like a possibility.
Invulnerability/Super Strength
Biggman King was originally a member of the Skulls gang and a decendant of the King family who's industries gave King's Row its name. After may years of superadine abuse and childish devotions, King finally decided to move ahead with his criminal career by joining the Vile Alliance. Eventually Veronica's less than favorable leadership earned King Skull's admonition and he hoped to dispose of Team Neo on his own. The experience was life-changing however, as Team Neo's devotion inspired him to understand a higher purpose. He stayed with the Vile Alliance until its dissolution, and moved on to a newer better life.
Ice Control/Force Field
An accident at a very young age altered Helix Acid's genetic code making her skin ugly and mangled. She was sought after by bounty hunters for a time before joining the Vile Alliance. Greatly desiring a friend she hired the Sky Raiders to abduct Neo-Sora so she could turn him into a similar mutant. She got some sense knocked into her eventually and left to the police and hoped they'd find a cure. She has since left the Vile Alliance in a human body, ready to get on with her life as a normal person.
Jagabesh Rah was the curator for an Egyptian artifacts museum, so obsessed with their culture that he often acted like he was one of them. Fired for confiscating a Pharaoh's headress costume from the gift shop, Jagabesh decided to pursue a criminal career. After finding some Egyptian artifacts that gave him control of stones, he was invited to the Vile Alliance where he became close friends with Static Edge.
Employed at a power plant, Genna Watts found a growing obsession for electricity. She attempted to contruct a lightning rod on the roof to add special effects while playing her guitar. Lightning did strike turning her hair white and straightening it up in a ridiculous manner. Static as later fired from her job for her poor work performance. She was hired by Veronica Vile to join the Vile Alliance and soon became best friends with Pharaoh Leader.
For a time, Neo-Sora was imprisoned by Helix Acid, who's genetic liscences corrupted Sora's mind and body. He was brought to his senses and cured of his affliction before taking time off from crime-fighting.