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It seemed to be a day like any other for Team Neo; the usual training, bickering, and laughter. But the blissful monotony was broken with a foreboding sound. “My phone is ringing!” Jewl looked at her communicator obliviously, but her smile soon turned into a frown. “It’s Synapse. He says he needs our help, It sounds big.”

The Neos did not suspect what they were getting themselves into but the agreed to step up to the challenge. “No job is too hard for the Neos!” Oni said. How wrong they were.

The first task given to the team was to infiltrate a warehouse and clear out any hostiles. Upon entering it seemed a quiet location, but the silence was shattered by Tai’s familiar tone of retreat. “CLOCKS! TONS OF CLOCKS!”

The battle was not an easy one, but through team work, and a human shield, the group was able to plow through wave after endless wave of the rusted ratchets.”

Eventually the droves of iron and steel grew thinner and thinner, and from the chaotic wreckage the Neos emerged victorious.

After informing Synapse of the proceedings he woefully dispensed the Neos once again to take out the Clock-Works in three power stations.

Of course the team was dauntless in their pursuit and not once did they stop to rest.

With little sign of the source the Neos grew weary of mission after monotonous mission.

Little did they suspect however how close they were to their goal. Upon leaving from one such task the Neos were confronted by a gigantic ClockWork monster. But the bigger they are the harder they fall, and the team dealt with the problem appropriately.

With the monster in a scrap heap the Neos had finally made it to the ClockWork King’s lair. This was the final battle in which the team fought tooth and nail trying to find the tin can tyrant.

The King was spotted and the Neos regrouped themselves, prepared and determined to destroy the King’s evil once and for all.

And then in the end the Neos were disappointed. The King was old and weak, and smelled like fish. Despite his massive legions of cronies the metallic monarch was a cakewalk and his reign of terror ended not with a bang but a whimper.

Congratulations to you Neos. You’ve made Kato proud. You’re a credit to all of the heroes in Paragon. Well done indeed.