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REAL NAME: Azreakil
AGE: Appx 18
PRIMARY POWERS: Invulnerability
MOTTO: "Heal plz."
HISTORY: Lea Zirka was a brilliant young mind at the Paragon state university. A senior in college at the young age of 17. He was a genius and an athlete, being the best particularly at track, and other lower body exercises. Having tested out of his regular curriculum, Lea was pursuing medical advances to improve a normal body's resilience against damage and infection. One evening while working late he heard the sound of someone breaking in, and went to investigate. To no great surprise a few Vahzilok including a Meat Doctor were raiding the medical supply store room. Lea moved to call the police, but before he could pick up the phone, he heard a chilling voice calling him inside his head. "You are...the last....the last....." Unnerved by the psychic attack, Lea panicked and made a rather loud ruckus, drawing the attention of the Vahzilok who in turn retaliated by firing tranquilizing arrows. Lea struggled to maintain consciousness as he moved out into the street gargling out a cry for help. He saw a hero standing close by with his back turned, but when he reached out to catch hold of the hero, his hand passed through as if it were a hologram. Lea collapsed to the ground and looked up at the ghostly hero, and heard the same chilling voice up until he lost consciousness.

When Lea awoke he was in terrible pain and no longer had the ability to walk. Every image flashed in montage as he slowly deduced that he was on an operating table. Sounds of Buzz-saws and splatters of tissue threw themselves across Lea's dazed face. And when the process was over, Lea was still alive but no longer had his legs, and several other minor patches of skin and tissue had been removed. He cried out in anguish but his cries suddenly turned silent, and he found he could no longer speak. By some invisible force, his patchy body levitated into the air with Vahzilok watching lustfully. He floated in mid-air before being pulled in front of a wheel chair. And when the wheel chair turned around, the hologram hero he'd seen before was sitting in it, though wearing hospital clothes.

"Thanks for the legs." his icy voice hissed. He slipped his robes up slightly to show off the stolen appendages. Lea's mind filled with horror and rage, but he could do nothing under this man's telekinetic control. "Zirka. Lea Zirka. I think your running days are over." He cackled along with the other demented foes. "I must admit, you have the perfect body. A shame we didn't find you first. I could have used certain other things as well." The man floated Lea uncomfortably close and with monstrously clawed hands began caressing Lea's flesh. "But your face....it's so ugly."

"Are you going to kill me?"

"Perhaps. Though not right now. You're dulled to any pain, and I need at least a month before your tissue fully integrates into mine. I may need other samples, so we're going to drop you into a regenerative gel tank so you can spend an anguishing few weeks getting a spare set of these perfect legs just in case."

The stranger waved his hand, his telekinetic abilities now evident, as Lea floated out of the room and into a tank of a red glowing liquid that burned like salt and lemon juice. He was fitted with an oxygen mask and then left to regrow his limbs. Indeed he waited for weeks in constant pain, but as time passed his body became dulled to it. As his legs regrew his skin became hardened as the solution fused with his genetics. When he was pulled from the solution weeks later his mutated body glowed with a replenishing red energy that had boosted his stature to a superhuman level. The stranger returned, now walking on Lea's old two legs, and wearing a hero's costume. "Your name sickens me, Zirka. Let's give you a new one then, shall we?" Psychic projections of the name 'Lea Zirka' appeared in the air, and with a wave of his hand, the stranger reformed to letters to read 'Azreakil.' "Azreakil. Just as I shed my old name so you shall yours. I am Kojiro Pandora, and I am your master now. And for my first command, you will rid yourself of that horrible face...." A sharp knife floated to Azre's hands and he grasped it firmly. He could feel Koji's brain inside his own, pulling the strings. And though it took a moment of shattering mental suffering, Azre leapt to his feet and plunged the knife deep into Koji's skull, breaking the mental control.

"I AM NOT YOUR SLAVE!" Azre took off running and never looked back.

After a long time at the police station reports were filed over the incident and reunions with family took place. Azre was glad to be back home, but the events had left his psyche horribly scarred, and he refused to accept his name as anything other than what Koji made him into, as Azreakil. Azre found himself approached a a man not too much older than himself, who asked for Azre to come in for a selective questioning. The man, introduced as Sora, asked a number of questions about the incident, and seemed mortified by some terrible discovery. At the end of the interrogation, Sora offered Azre a chance to join Team Neo under the condition that he never spoke of his experiences to Kato. Azre agreed and has not spoken of it since.