Demon Heart

"The Half Bat"

Full Name: Zodiac Antoinias Kloute’ XIV

Height: 4ft, 9in.

Weight: 95 lbs.

Age: 11

Occupation: Little Brother, Orphan

Hobbies: Button Collecting, Pretending, Cosplay

Likes: Friends, Adventure, the Word “Jumbly”

Dislikes: Villainy, Daggers, Arguments

Favorite Animal: Bat

Personal Quote: “Okay, someone has got to tell me; WHAT is a JUMBLY?”

Favorite Food: Tomato Juice

Story: Zodiac is Mara's pint-sized, half-vampire, adopted brother. Though he is distinctly capable of defending himself, his vampire blood conflicts with his human blood, and battle causes him to go berserk. He usually ends up hurting himself, and for this reason, his adoptive mother Rachel has asked him to not fight. He has a penchant for collecting buttons, and loves the word "Jumbly".