Demon Heart

"The Sound of Fish"

Full Name: Tina Vash, AKA Tuna

Height: 5ft, 6in.

Weight: 115 lbs.

Age: 25

Occupation: Lead singer of the music group "Dead Fish"

Hobbies: Singing, Photo Shoots

Likes: Publicity, Fame, Money

Dislikes: Jam Her Rival,Breaking Nails, Rapiroos

Favorite Animal: Werequats

Personal Quote: “So yeah, like, you're a total loser, and I'm a total winner!”

Favorite Food: Doughnuts

Story: Much like her hated rival Jam, Tuna wns a voice that can harmonize with people hearts. However, the frequency with which she resonates is slightly more agressive, and less peace inspiring. She sings not for evil, but for the underworld culture of less than pure activities, skintight leather outfits, and wine. However, Tuna does not spread her talent for love or peace, but rather for her own fame and prosperity. It's a tough choice be tween theis demonic diva, or Jam. they both have what it takes, but only one will make the top of the charts.