Demon Heart

"The Blackheart Purifier"

Full Name: Tarin Alanuss

Height: 6ft, 6in.

Weight: 223 lbs.

Age: 38

Occupation: Demon, Avenger

Hobbies: Katana Practicing, Killing Harmless Animals, Helping his Sister

Likes: Fighting, Avenging, Killing

Dislikes: His Habits, Shade Demons, Being Told What to Do

Favorite Animal: Doberman

Personal Quote: “Heard it. Know it. Don’t care.”

Favorite Food: Blood

Story: Tarin is Koshiro's younger brother, and Sai's elder. He has a difficult time with self control, despite agreeing that shade demons are an abomination. When Sai sacrifices herself to destroy Koshiro, she leaves Tarin to his own devices. As the only known shade demon left, he carries on with his life as he pleases.