Demon Heart

"The Psychosis Duality"

Full Name: Solarice Eclipse

Height: 5ft, 9in.

Weight: 258 lbs

Age: 103

Occupation: Ex-Scientist, Soldier

Hobbies: Standing on his head, Attempting to communicate

Likes: Bright lights, Women's lingerie, The color blue

Dislikes: Dark spaces, Solicitors, Squirrels

Favorite Animal: Penguin

Personal Quote: 42nd readyness in iceburg fruitition with a side of battleship open range caves, please.

Favorite Food: Car tires, Ham, Light Bulbs

Story: Solarice is the most insane, brilliant, and level-headed Genoch a person could ever meet. Most often he talks in what appears to be his own indecipherable language, eats garbage, types with his feet, and blind folds himself to better see. But when the situation arises, his peronality reflects, and he becomes a sane, intelligent, and well mannered man. There is method behind his madness. Solarice Eclipse was once known as Eclipse Blair, the most brilliant scientific mind on planet Gunmogg. But thanks to his arrogance and miscalculation one of his experiments went awry. The creature he had created replaced him, and Eclipse found himself dropped down a garbage chute and into the clutches of one of his enemies. For ten years his mind was imprisoned in darkness and his body strained and tortured. When he came to however, something had changed. Everything made sense, and yet nothing made sense at all. His senses were heightened to the extreme, and his body remolded for combat. Forced into servitude under the villianess Sacres, Eclipse (now known as Solarice) was sent on a mission of assasination. He has not been stabe since, but his heart is in the right place. He forever seeks redemption and conclusion to the mistakes of his past hoping to find solace from the darkness which still haunts him.