Demon Heart

"The Scars of Regret"

Full Name: Captus “Scepter” Shikigami

Height: 6ft, 2in.

Weight: 185 lbs.

Age: 38

Occupation: Outlaw, Father

Hobbies: Drinking, Eating, Groping

Likes: Women, Freedom, Adventure

Dislikes: Commitment, Obeying Laws, Traditions

Favorite Animal: Tiger

Personal Quote: “Some scars never heal. Some scars shouldn’t.”

Favorite Food: Beer

Story: Scepter is Kaison's casual father who incidentally releases Koshiro from imprisonment on Vivis. Koshiro attempts to murder Scepter until Kaison intervenes. Kaison makes a pact that Scepter would be allowed to live and acquire the power he sought in exchange that Kaison becomes Koshiro's unwavering servant. Scepter adopts Koshiro's son, ironically, and searches the galaxy to take back the deal, and save Kaison from his demonic life.