Demon Heart

"The Violin Elegy"

Full Name: Sai Alanuss

Height: 4ft, 9in.

Weight: 71 lbs.

Age: 37

Occupation: Demon, Avenger

Hobbies: Playing Violin, Restoring Order, Praying to Everon

Likes: Purity, Solace, Music

Dislikes: Evil, Shade Demons, Getting Punched in the Gut

Favorite Animal: Dove

Personal Quote: “We cannot selfishly live out our lives of destruction, and ignore the innocents who perish in our wake!”

Favorite Food: Kurellian Water

Story: Sai is the younger sister to Tarin and Koshiro, and like them is an artificially made Shade Demon. Sai has a grim outlook on life, and sees her existence, as well as that of her brothers', to be an abomination. Sai is responsible for Anthony Gerto's apparent death, as well as Koshiro's.