Demon Heart

"The Magenta Witch"

Full Name: Sacres Forge

Height: 5ft, 10in.

Weight: 165 lbs.

Age: 103

Occupation: Genius, Weaponsmith

Hobbies: Proving her Genius, Dramatic Entrances, Interpretive Dancing

Likes: Cackling Evilly, Scheming, the Color Pink

Dislikes: Perverts, Skeptics, Getting her Bra Stolen

Favorite Animal: Squirrel

Personal Quote: “SEIZE THEM.”

Favorite Food: Pink Candy

Story: Sacres Forge is a genoch, and at one point was a nurse at Gerto's hospital. Mocked and shunned by her peers for being all boobs and no brains, she set about working on weapons and chemicals to prove her intellectual superiority, and erase Gerto's mistakes.