Demon Heart

"The Guru of the Winds"

Full Name: Rinzoa Strapus

Height: 4ft, 5in.

Weight: 83 lbs.

Age: 28

Occupation: Syun of the Tokiman Empire, Guru

Hobbies: Predicting Events, Ruling an Empire, Hugging People

Likes: Cute Things, Responsibility, Her Subjects

Dislikes: Bad People, War, Cannibalism

Favorite Animal: Bunnies

Personal Quote: “After meditating for a five years all alone on a mountain top I decided it was time I saw some action!”

Favorite Food: Raw Burger

Story: Rinzoa is the Syun (Empress) of Tokima 500 years prior. She is an unorthodox ruler well loved by her people for bringing great peace and prosperity to the world. Before she was the Syun, she was a guru, and that job has granted her valuable knowledge which assists her new job. She is a close personal friend of Krysta and Raiten.