Demon Heart

"The Mother of Mystery"

Full Name: Rachel Antares

Height: 5ft, 9in.

Weight: 123 lbs.

Age: 41

Occupation: Mother, Orphanage Mistress

Hobbies: Going to the Beach, Having Fun, Ruffling Hair

Likes: Children, Animals, Movies

Dislikes: Evil Scientists, Cruelty, Talking About Her Youth

Favorite Animal: Lovebird

Personal Quote: “The children mean everything to me. They are my life, and my love.”

Favorite Food: Pizza

Story: A gifted woman who loves children, and incidentally is Koshiro's mother. Her birth to the Shade Demon compromised her ability to have children of her own, but would preserve her youth and beauty forever. Rather than receding into seclusion, she opened an orphanage for the galaxy's lost children, and even adopted Mara and Zodiac as her own. It is important to note that Rachel has purple eyes; a rare color which Roks inherits, and later on Burake by extension.