Demon Heart

"The Chosen Divine"

Full Name: Mara Antares

Height: 5ft, 6in.

Weight: 119 lbs

Age: 22

Occupation: Deitate (Equivalent of a Pope), Apprentice

Hobbies: Rifle Training, Martial Arts, Partying

Likes: Guns, Booze, Belching

Dislikes: Being prim and proper, Injustice, Chauvenism

Favorite Animal: Flowers

Personal Quote: “Thats when I fired a .83 slug off from the neighboring clock tower as a warning shot.”

Favorite Food: Beer, Sandwiches, Salads

Story: Maybe Mara is just misunderstood, and maybe not. She was born as the rightful heir to the throne of the Deitate, meaning that one day she would oversee that the morals of the Universal Religion, the Order of Everon, were upheld. Destined for greatness or not, Mara just wants to have fun and forget about her responsibilities. Before she was born a wicked man named Feng Shyu took over the Order of Everon and squandered its spoils for himself. He claimed to be a divine and holy apotheosis, but he was a fraud. Year after year new Chosen Ones would be born and Feng saw to it that these babies were killed, their remains buried and hidden beneath the roots of a large Marral tree outside the grand cathedral. As Feng Shyu's sins grew in number, the Marral Tree grew in size. Then finally one day the tree itself bore a mysterious child, also a Chosen one. When the tree toppled and perished, Feng Shyu was taken along with it and Mara was placed on the throne. She was far too young to govern the Order of Everon and so entrusted to the care of a loving mother, Rachel Antares. But when the time comes will Mara truly be ready to wear the crown of the Deitate? Or will her carefree lifestyle tarnish the reputation of the Order of Everon and have her exiled?