Demon Heart

"The Forgotten Prisoner"

Full Name: Malachai Ceorix

Height: 5ft, 10in.

Weight: 171 lbs.

Age: 24

Occupation: Warrior, Outlaw

Hobbies: Fighting, Insulting, Enslaving

Likes: Combat, Power, Competition

Dislikes: Sloth, Imprisonment, Betrayal

Favorite Animal: Wulf

Personal Quote: “If this were a game, I’d be the recurring boss who just gets more deadly each time.”

Favorite Food: Meat

Story: Malachai has a history of treachery and combat stemming from his homeworld of Kangan. He fled to the demon world to escape his archenemy, Nova, only to wind up Koshiro’s prisoner. Upon Koshiro’s death Malachai is freed from his entrapment to doggedly pursue Kaison and attempt to enslave him.