Demon Heart

"The Butterfly"

Full Name: Krysta Gully

Height: 5ft, 2in.

Weight: 89 lbs

Age: 18

Occupation: Romanticist, Moral Support

Hobbies: Chaining "pretty boys" to walls, pleasing herself.

Likes: Boys, Butter, Whips

Dislikes: Fatness, Body Hair, Boredom

Favorite Animal: Butterfly

Personal Quote: “All girls deserve to get everything they want!”

Favorite Food: Butter, Strawberries, Honey

Story: Like any love-story misunderstanding, Krysta was saved from drowning and recussitated with a kiss. Condoning her future to marry the one who first kissed her seemed like a good idea at the time. That is until Krysta found her way into the outside world. Pixies, are often known for being flirtatious, and sultry. What they don't tell you is that they aren't shy about it. Krysta uses chains, whips, lubricants, cages, nets, bombs, and whatever else her beautiful body can muster to get what she wants most: love. Her misguided and rougeish vision of the subject is often contrversial to those outside her species. She may be a sweet heart, but watch your pants or else you might find her inside of them before you have time to blink.