Demon Heart

"The God of Shade"

Full Name: Koshiro Alanuss

Height: 6ft, 0in.

Weight: 130 lbs.

Age: Roughly 9,090,490

Occupation: Researcher, Leader of the Demons

Hobbies: Reading, Writing, Researching

Likes: Pain, Suffering, Matches

Dislikes: Anything good

Favorite Animal: Dogs

Personal Quote: “There is never a never, ever, or forever. But there is always an exception or two.”

Favorite Food: Bloody Marys

Story: Koshiro is the result of Darrenseid Alanuss being subjected to Dr. Anthony Gerto's evil experiments. The product of the experiments with Shade produced a heart or limitless power. The project was initially intended to be a manner of making an infinite power source, but Anthony's cruel goals made something far worse. Koshiro has destroyed two societies in his life already, and his endeavors have cost him his eye, his heart, and worst of all his one true love. He was sentenced to exile by the God known as Gerad. His body was imprisoned in what we know as the Demon Heart, and flung back to the beginning of time, to remain throughout all existence as a beacon. But recent events have freed Koshiro from his imprisonment and he is none too happy about his punishment.