Demon Heart

"The Demon Child"

Full Name: Kaison Saguss

Height: 5ft, 8in.

Weight: 270 lbs, Wings Included

Age: Roughly 18,010

Occupation: Hero, Obakyu, TV-Watcher

Hobbies: Watching his Favorite Show "The Happycrack Bunnies"

Likes: Potato Chips, Reclining Chairs, Air Conditioning

Dislikes: Baths, Lack of Food, Work

Favorite Animal: Cow

Personal Quote: “If it's not Althatina Brand potato chips, then it's not all-that-and-a bag of chip! I love that motto.”

Favorite Food: Althatina Potato Chips, Steak

Story: Kaison was at first a rather downtrodden boy, with an unfortunate viral infection that meant certain doom before puberty. His mother, an assasin, and his father, an outlaw, did not make a perfect match when it came to raising a family, and as such Kaison's father left home the day he was born. Kaison had been raised to hate his father and this continued even 8 years later when he had returned. Kaison traveled the stars for three years before he and his dad went on an investigation on the God of Shade. The encounter released the evil Koshiro, and Kaison became his demon slave by trading his own heart for his father's life. But Koshiro got more than he bargained for. The transformation saved Kaison from his inevitable death, made him sronger, and much more powerful. But in retrospect he simply stopped caring and resigned himself to stay at home and eat chips. Time and time again Koshiro would request Kaison's assistance only to be met with a lazy effort. He has since become more a bump-on-a-log than a fearsom demon, but such is about to change.