Demon Heart

"The Short Fat Kid"

Full Name: Jento Cestus

Height: 8ft, 6in.

Weight: 636 lbs.

Age: 14

Occupation: Brawler, Warrior

Hobbies: Sports, Scaring People

Likes: Rampaging, Being Superior, Food

Dislikes: Bullies, His Hometown, Mosquitoes

Favorite Animal: Rabbits

Personal Quote: I will tear you in half and feed you to sharks!

Favorite Food: Ice Cream

Story: Jento is a child of the Senada clan on Tokima 500 years prior to present day. He was short, fat, and had an ice-cream obsession before consuming genoch super-soldier chemicals at a rite of passage ceremony. He became monstrously large and strong, and was shunned by his people. Jento vowed to amass invincible might to take over the world and have his oppressors executed.