Demon Heart

"The Unholy Ghost"

Feng Shyu
Full Name: Feng Shyu Taiben

Height: 6ft, 4in.

Weight: Weightless

Age: 33

Occupation: Ex-Archdeacon, Evil Spirit

Hobbies: Possessing Weaker Minds, Throwing Objects, Killing Babies

Likes: Status, Wealth, Respect

Dislikes: Mara, Everon, Being Dead

Favorite Animal: Spectorrent

Personal Quote: I will haunt you until the day you die. Which, coincidentally, is today!

Favorite Food: Wine

Story: Feng Shyu is a Kanganite who acted as the Archdeacon before Mara was even born. Though he oversaw the Everenic religion, he was actually a worshipper of Neveross. He used his position for luxury and personal gain until a prophecy predicted Mara's birth. Feng Shyu was killed by a Bio Chaos before being exposed as a baby-killer, but his spirit never left the world. He is nearly resurrected through Kaison.