Demon Heart

"The Eternal Machine"

Full Name: Emotional Thesis Emulation Robotic Nano Evolution System

Height: 5ft, 8in.

Weight: 145 lbs.

Age: 12

Occupation: Protector, Scientist

Hobbies: Building Machines, Plotting Global Destruction, Being a Pretty Boy

Likes: Computers, Experiments, Making People Blush

Dislikes: Heroes, Miscalculations, Disappointment

Favorite Animal: Ant

Personal Quote: “May I experiment on you?”

Favorite Food: Pure Energy

Story: Eternes is Eclipse Blair's out of control nanomachine defense system for the main Genoch Sky Tower. He adopted his creator's image and life and pushed the original out a window. He calculated that the only way to protect the planet from harm, was to move the planet out of harm's way permanently. He conspires with Sacres to drop a Null-Bomb into the planet's core, and literally void the entire world.