Demon Heart

"The Justice of the Divine"

Full Name: Duncan Clone

Height: 5ft, 8in.

Weight: 126 lbs.

Age: Roughly 21,030

Occupation: Herald to Gerad the Almighty

Hobbies: Blowing Stuff Up, Creating Great Justice

Likes: Destroying Things, Justice, Fire

Dislikes: Being Talked Back to, Injustice, Evil or Dark Things, Potato Chips

Favorite Animal: None

Personal Quote: “How dare you talk back to me! Now you will face the wrath of DIVINE JUSTICE!!!”

Favorite Food: Chocolate Chip Cookies

Story: Duncan is an artificially created angel, from a long line of angels. He's completely insane, but ludicrously devoted to the survival of all living things. Coincidentally, he was discovered by Gerad first as he was trying to infiltrate the Realm of Everon, the God of light, under the bias that Everon was not pure enough of heart. Gerad refused to let the God of all light usurped, but saw use in Duncan as a herald, or ambassador. Now Duncan acts only for Gerad and has begun his quest to get the universe to straighten up its act. FOR GREAT JUSTICE....TAKE OFF EVERY DUNCAN."