Demon Heart

"The Ashen Assassin"

Full Name: Dojima Stycatto

Height: 6ft, 4in.

Weight: 217 lbs.

Age: 101

Occupation: Assassin, Bodyguard

Hobbies: Stalking a Target, Increasing his Power, Battling a Worthy Opponent

Likes: Masks, Glaives, the Smell of Genoch Blood

Dislikes: Fire, Ashes, Getting Beaten

Favorite Animal: Phoenix

Personal Quote: “Too late to run now. I have your scent.”

Favorite Food: Raw Meat

Story: Dojima Stycatto is a genoch assasin left behind from the previous Genoch civil war which occurred right after the Sky Tower Gensong was annihilated by a quantum time vortex Koshiro and Duncan had set off. He serves as the eyes and ears for Eternes, and would silence anyone investigating or interfering with his projects.