Demon Heart

"The Root of Evil"

Anthony Gerto
Full Name: Doctor Anthony Gerto

Height: 6ft, 9in.

Weight: 140 lbs.

Occupation: Evil Genius, Mastermind

Hobbies: Plotting Evil, Splicing Genes, Seeding the Apocalypse

Likes: Monsters, Attractive Women, Chaos

Dislikes: His Brother Gerad, Insubordination, Demons

Favorite Animal: It changes every five minutes.

Personal Quote: “Soon my name shall spread across the galaxy, and like a bad case of gas, it will infect and choke all who savor its odor of olfactory malefactor.”

Favorite Food: This also changes every five minutes.

Story: While Duncan is the catalyst for the apocalypse crisis, Anthony is the man who seeded the framework, and manipulated events to their occurrence. Long ago he stole the future disk from his brother Gerad, and hid it in a realm outside the God's influence. Anthony was exiled for a terribly long time to planet Jaiyal. He was promised release whenever he decided to relinquish the disk. Refusing to be outdone, he has spent eons trying time and time again to destroy his brother, and left countless evil legacies across the galaxy, including Koshiro, Sai, and Tarin. He's escaped Jaiyal several times, but always gets sent back after refusing to change his ways.